Monday, 10 September 2007

Blake - where are you mate?

Several days ago, I received a request via a comment post from a student, calling himself 'Blake'.

Blake, I tried to reply using the Email address you gave me, but have not heard back. If you're still interested, please have another go. The address in the comment [which I will not post publicly to respect your privacy] may have been incorrect.
This is not the first time I have been asked for offline information. In fact the trend is increasing; and how wonderful that is to see. People - particularly the young - are taking the time to really pull the stings and objectively explore the claims of pro- and anti-nuclear advocates alike. I am confident that after such objective, fact-based reviews, the vast majority will understand that nuclear power is well justified as part of a broader strategy to address fossil emissions as well as energy security issues around the world.

Speaking of increasing interest, I have also added a new section in the right border to this page called Pro-nuclear Aus & NZ Bloggers. How about that? Not only are the facts being better received, there is an increasing number of us delivering them. Another good sign.

While all this is happening, there's little to see in the anti-nuclear blogosphere. I've read a few posts where they voice frustration about their lack of technical know-how, little surprise to this blogger. If they knew there technical stuff; they wouldn't be anti-nuclear. One referenced this post from the Nuclear Is Our Future blog, specifically. This shows that at least some are reading our posts. Since they can't make a credible, technical argument, rare is the day when you see an anti-nuclear comment on one of these sites.

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