Sunday, 14 September 2008

Uranium mining now likely in WA

Brendon Grylls, leader of the WA Nationals, has announced the formation of a coalition government with the Liberals, paving the way for West Australia to join the Northern Territory and South Australia in Uranium mining and export operations.

The result follows an aggressive anti-Uranium mining election campaign by outgoing WA PM Allen Carpenter.

Uranium mining in West Australia could – in the coming years – exploit up to eight major deposits according to Reuters.

Queensland is now Australia’s sole anti-Uranium mining state with significant, identified Uranium reserves according to the Australian Uranium Association.


  1. "PM Allen Carpenter" - its actually ALAN (!) not Allen. Not that tricky really, he was only the Premier (!) of WA for 2 years.. I can see how you could miss that

  2. World Finance is setting up the World's largest Uranium Mine in South Australia. It is called the Olympic Dam Mine and is near the mining community of Roxby Downs SA.

    Also, World Finance is planning to establish many other Uranium mining operations in SA.

    Some of these will extract Uranium in the most hazardous ways possible:

    Acid-leaching by toxic solvents, which facilitates the seepage of radioactive liquid into underground water basins, thereby ensuring the full prolonged contamination of such water beds for many thousands of years.

    These are most serious Crimes Against Nature.

    Euro Soviets in South Australia are currently experiencing their worst period of drought and fire-danger weather in recorded Euro Soviet Invasion history in SA:

    NATURE will NOT tolerate Human Nuclear Deviationism.

    NATURE will "turn off the tap" to deny the World Mining Industry the water to process the Uranium ore and other toxic heavy-metal ores.

    Australians (Aborigines) actively oppose these deadly mines and the extremely poisonous effects the mines will have on their sacred holy traditional lands.

    Never Trust News...
    Never Trust News...

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