Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The latest from Ziggy Switkowski

Dr. Ziggy Switkowski has written an article on a nuclear Australia in the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering's (ATSE) Focus Magazine.

It has also been re-posted at ScienceAlert.

It is a very objective piece that highlights both the specific advantages nuclear power technology offers Australia as well as the specific challenges faced here.

I encourage anyone interested in either nuclear power or Australia's approach to climate change mitigating technologies to read Dr. Switkowski's article.

Earlier in the month Dr. Switkowski went back-and-forth with Climate minister Penny Wong in this report.

Obviously, I believe Switkowski's arguments are valid, are put forward objectively and contain abundant facts and examples. But what impresses me most is his political courage. Australia could use a lot more of that.


  1. Watching Ms Wong handle questions on the Murray-Darling I sense that she is a genuine pragmatist but is hamstrung by the loonie left. That group seems unable to grasp how or why coal burning continues unabated while renewables still barely make a dent. Unfortunately that disconnect may prevail for years with the Federal ALP unwilling to prick the delusion lest voters switch to the Greens. As the years tick by both a coal phaseout and capital markets get more difficult.

  2. Exactly John - smack, right on the head.

    My problem is coming up with ideas to help move toward some solution.

    An uninformed, emotive general public is a formidable obstacle.

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