Tuesday, 20 October 2009

4,000 MWe Fossil for NSW

Hat tip to Rising Tide Australia.

Further evidence that saying no to nuclear, results in more fossil fueled power plants. The NSW Planning website contains project concepts for 4,000 MWe of electricity generation capacity in the form of:

2,000 MWe Bayswater B Power Station

2,000 MWe Mount Piper Power Station Extension

The above links will direct you to the online submission web pages. If you've got something to say, submissions close October 26.


  1. I see the plants will be supercritical coal (20% less CO2) or gas (60% less CO2), but we are supposed be emitting 80% less by 2050 when the plants will still be operating. No mention of any old stations being retired. No doubt the NSW govt will regard a few hectares of tree planting as an adequate offset. Meanwhile Chinese firms may be allowed to mine coal under the Liverpool Plains thereby boosting Australia's contribution to global emissions even more.

    If the NSW and Federal govts think renewables will do the job then they should put their money where their mouth is and insist that wind and solar provide the 4000 MWe.

  2. Obviously nobody is going to use natural gas for 4000 MW worth of baseload generator... the fuel cost would be enormous.