Monday, 15 August 2011

What are we trying to achieve?

In this piece, the UK's George Monbiot, with input from Chris Goodall, continues a discussion with Jonathon Porritt. The article covers climate change, nuclear energy, renewables, Japan and Germany (as well as the UK of course).

Monbiot poses a key question, "...we should ask ourselves what our aim is. Is it to stop climate breakdown, or is it to engineer the maximum roll-out of renewable power?" The examples and references cited in the post kept me coming back to this question - what is the objective?

Monbiot has crafted a thought provoking and highty recommended read.

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  1. Monbiot has got the right ideas about nuclear and other environmental matters.Unfortunately the likes of Porritt are all too common.Arguing with them is really a waste of time as,like climate change deniers,they have a dysfunctional devotion to a bizarre ideology.

    The nuclear movement,if such a thing exists,needs to be targeting the movers and shakers in the system as well as the citizenry.
    Politicians especially, understand numbers,particularly voter numbers.

    In Australia we need to break the taboo on even mentioning nuclear as an eminently practical solution for clean electricity generation.And this is the major source of carbon pollution.