Saturday, 12 January 2008

UK - Firms get set for new build

Companies involved in the push for new nuclear power in the UK reacted favourably to the government invitation of 10 January to submit their plans for new build.

Full report from World Nuclear News

One whole day after the government's announcement, and companies (yes that's plural) are expressing serious, well developed interest in nuclear new-build in the UK.

Of particular interest:
Shadow business and enterprise minister Alan Duncan welcomed his opposite number's announcement and explained his party's view on nuclear power: that the planning system must be refined; a price for carbon is required for long-term investment; clarity is required on waste and decommissioning; and there should be no subsidy for nuclear power.

Duncan assured business that the investment climate would remain stable under a possible future Conservative government.

This marks a major change over several months, since Conservative leader David Cameron enlisted Ecologist editor Zac Goldsmith as an advisor, resulting in a rash of anti-nuclear sentiment. Goldsmith is now expected to part company with the Conservatives.
Considering there are many parallels with some of these issues and any Australian consideration of nuclear power (bi-partisan support, no subsidies, carbon pricing, etc.) I would not be surprised to hear Rudd making some type of reassuring announcement in the near future. If it happens, fear not, for it is just another step in our own journey from an unjustified and unsustainable energy policy.

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