Saturday, 12 January 2008

The wind, the sun—and the atom

A boost for renewables, but nuclear power takes centre stage.

Full article from The Economist

This is another excellent report on, not just nuclear power, but nuclear power's role - with renewables - in the UK's energy future. From a broad perspective, the report efficiently address different attributes to a reasonable degree of detail.

This magazine is quickly becoming my favourite, independent media source for the world-wide consideration of nuclear power.

A few quotes:

Local opinion of nuclear?

"When [Colonel George Smythe, chairman of a nuclear-power discussion group at Dungeness in Kent] asked residents what should replace the closed [nuclear] power station, the most popular answer was a new one."

Impact on renewables?

"Not all the news was nuclear. The bill also sets rules for building more natural-gas storage (as imports replace dwindling domestic supplies) and for developing technology to capture and sequester carbon emissions from fossil-fuel plants. Britain has much potential: natural salt caverns and depleted gas fields could store decades of emissions from Europe.

There was some good news for renewable fans, too,... [see the article].

Gordon Edge, an economist at the British Wind Energy Association, dismisses talk of crowding out. “Building nuclear power plants doesn't have to mean less money for renewables,” he says. “After all, we have a common enemy.”"

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