Friday, 29 February 2008

Call for public submissions to the "Australia 2020" summit

The federal government is calling for written submissions from the public to the Australia 2020 summit.

Contributing a submission to the Australia 2020 Summit is a way for all Australians to be involved in bringing the best ideas forward to address Australia’s long term challenges.

You can make your written submission online here.

Here's your chance to put forward to the Rudd government your views on the best options to meet Australia's energy needs into the future, the solutions to the issue of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions concerns, and the role that nuclear energy has to play in these solutions.

Of course, there are lots of other areas which you may wish to speak up about, as well as these important energy and environmental issues.

I urge all Australians to make the most of this opportunity to make your thoughts known.


  1. A submission for the replacement of all our coal fired electrical plants with MSBR's (Molten Salt Breeder Reactors) which utilise almost 100% of uranium bred from thorium. Take a look at Energy from Thorium

  2. For this and other ideas, and for the rest of the 20,699,000 people in Oz not invited to the 2020 Summit, the online community created a wiki called Oz Ideas to be our forum to list and vote on the best ideas to improve Australia. It’s free and can be anonymous. We just think everyday people probably have just as good ideas for this country than the experts, so the site acts as a national online brainstorming session. It’s at

    See what you think, and if you like it, please invite your friends to participate.