Thursday, 21 February 2008

Garnaut - Australia 'most vulnerable' to climate change

A report by economist Ross Garnaut has warned Australia must take a lead role in tackling climate change or risk becoming the most badly damaged country in the developed world.

Full report from the ABC

Things are getting worse, problems are accelerating, more action is required and this action must start sooner.

"[Garnaut] says Australia needs to play a lead role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by going beyond its stated target of a 60 per cent cut by 2050."

"[Penny Wong] says Labor will not go past its election commitment of a 60 per cent cut in emissions by 2050."

"Obviously unlike the previous government we have said we would be cognisant of the science," she said.

[??? - But what if the science tells us to go beyond a 60 percent cut, which many suggest it does?? And how long must we wait for Labor to stop riding the 'previous government was very, very poor' wave. Myself, I think the topic was fully played many weeks ago.]

Nothing cries 'leading roll' more than cleaning up one's own house. No technology on the planet has the demonstrated potential to displace more carbon emissions than nuclear power.

More information

Find the interim report here

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