Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Germany's nuclear power options

In Germany - long renowned as the stalwart, nuclear phase-out poster country - the winds appear to be changing.

Not only is EOn CEO Wulf Bernotat calling the phase-out plan incomprehensible as reported here by World Nuclear News, but Germany has also proposed a multi-national enrichment facility.

Many nuclear bloggers have picked up on [what I think was initially NEI’s theme] ‘another pro-nuclear blogger’. I’ve often cited ‘environmental conversions’. What’s this now, another nation for nuclear power? Consider that in the past year or maybe just a bit more, major shifts in nuclear polity have occurred in Sweden, the UK, the USA and even in Australia [elimination of 3 mines]. And, there are many, many others.

Looks like the world – or at least a significant part of it – is getting serious about no/low emissions technologies in the context of global energy security challenges.


More information

IAEA Multilateral Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

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