Sunday, 22 June 2008

Expanding interest in laser enrichment

General Electric and Hitachi have now been joined by Cameco to develop and deploy Australian laser enrichment technology. Cameco has invested US$123.8 million (AU$129.8) to become the minority partner with a 24% stake in the joint venture. GE will maintain a 51% share and Hitachi 25%.

It's always interesting to hear of Australian innovative success, but in general news such as this is disappointing for me personally. I hope Silex is bringing home some well deserved royalties for their efforts on the technology [judging by the below stock trend, this appears to be the case]. However, I still consider it [another] lost opportunity via the export of innovative technology as well as [most likely] a few key human resources.

This phenomenon is not unique to the nuclear fuel cycle either. Australian solar technology continues to suffer a similar plight. Considering the global energy [r]evolution unfolding before us - I do not believe it wise to allow similar opportunities to slide so easily from our grasp.

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