Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Nationals vote in favour of nuclear research

It happened quietly last week. Not much media fanfare at all. The only items I found on the day were a few reports about Andrew Stoner's disagreement on the topic. But the National's have passed a motion in support of nuclear research into the development of an Australian nuclear power industry as well as an international waste repository.

I obviously am in favour of the former and certainly agree there are some strong arguments to be made for the latter. But most interesting is that a similar motion was voted down by the Nationals just two years ago.

Elsewhere around the globe, other political tides are turning as well, interestingly in Germany and nearby Italy.

Labor continues to maneuver themselves into a political pickle. With real Australian emissions set to remain stable in the most optimistic of government scenarios and even those efforts set to result in some fairly hefty hits to the typical Australian budget; other energy cost drivers [e.g. petrol] make ever more compelling arguments to not just keep nuclear on the proverbial table, but nudge it ever so slightly toward centre stage.

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