Friday, 6 June 2008

World Enviroment Day

Australia continues to work through our environmental issues on a day that was probably conceived to inspire optimistic vision, highlight action and celebrate results.

A relevant post at Larvatus Prodeo highlights some differences between the optimistic pre-election Kevin Rudd and his current accomplishments and ongoing challenges. Ross Garnaut also sited numerous challenges, uncertainties and risks. Meanwhile, the ABC mentions a call for nuclear power from the business community of anti-nuclear Western Australia.

Australia isn't ready to swallow the nuclear pill yet, but I stand by my earlier statement. Through their total rejection of a domestic nuclear power programme, Kevin Rudd and the majority of the Labor party are helping Australia work through the relevant issues faster than if they had lost last year.

More Australians must come to understand that other efforts to reduce our per-capita emissions - while noble and effective - will not be effective enough to reach the cuts deemed necessary by global scientific consensus.

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