Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Anti-nuclear Blog - Australia SAY NO to Nuclear Power

Australia SAY NO to Nuclear Power

While not stating it explicitly, the site implies people should seek factual information.

On that, I could not agree more.

However, I have found the following ‘oversights’ on the first post I looked at (Radioactive waste).

The waste quantities and facility mentioned in this post (Fernald) are the result of the United States’ nuclear weapons programme and the arms race of the cold war. They are totally out of context for any discussion of nuclear power. [NB Fernald is in the US State of Ohio, not Florida as mentioned in the Blog.]

I am assuming the 108 sites referenced are the power reactors… but there are not 108 sites as there are many multi-unit sites within the USA. And none of these are contaminated and unusable. But without a reference, I can not be certain this is even what the Blogger is writing about.

The Wikipedia link on Radioactive waste is fairly well detailed and worth a look.

For additional information on waste please refer to the knowledgeable University of Melbourne staff (see Challenges of Nuclear Power).

If this is any indication of the rest of the site, I advise caution. Look for the references, and if/when you find them, check their credibility and integrity.

Please, scrutinise, scrutinise, scrutinise (me as well as them). Seek objective facts.

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