Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Talks on nuclear power

An article from the Courier Mail:

THE Westinghouse Electric Company, a manufacturer of nuclear power stations, has had talks with the Federal Government on "near-term opportunities".

The company also revealed it has been approached by Australian groups looking to establish nuclear power facilities.

Westinghouse communications consultant for nuclear power plants Scott Shaw:

"Westinghouse recently visited Australia to discuss near-term opportunities with the Government and regulatory authorities.

"We have also had inquiries from individuals and/or groups within Australia pursuing the establishment and development of commercial nuclear power plants for electricity generation.
The article goes on to mention discussions with General Electric and AREVA.

UPDATE : 15-03-2007

The Herald Sun has provided some detail on discussions between ANSTO and General Electric.

ANSTO's corporate communications manager, Craig Pearce, said GE " did visit ANSTO last year and made a presentation on their technology.

Dr. Ziggy Switkowski

"We initiated contact with a number of suppliers of nuclear technology including General Electric and General Atomics."

On other options:

Opponents of nuclear power generation have cited emerging carbon capture technologies as likely to enhance the viability of coal-fired stations in coming decades.

However, Dr Switkowski believes that nuclear power would still be viable because of the costs associated with capturing coal emissions.

"Just about any attempt to clean up coal will not compromise the case for nuclear," he said.

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