Thursday, 22 March 2007

Princeton University Study - 2004

An overview of the study may be found here (Shockwave Flash Movie).

It's over 2 1/2 years old, and there have been some developments since then in several technical areas as well as with regard to who thinks what about the need to reduce emissions linked to climate change. But still it's worth a look if you haven't seen it yet.

For a table linking you to all wedge summaries, click here. Or if you're not all that technical try here for their teacher's guide - where I'm happy to see the red wedge for nuclear has been put on the table.

Dig into the details a bit. Look at the relative challenges of all the technologies. One thing they emphasise, no need to wait for research, we can act right now. This is not a technical problem.

To me, this is the clearest case for consideration of nuclear power in Australia. While others are battling for energy security - this isn't so much of a concern for us. Assuming you believe the IPCC predictions and related warnings (UK Government & an environmentalist), we must consider doing our share to cut our embarrassingly high per-capita emissions.

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