Thursday, 20 March 2008

Critique to the ABC

Sure politicians can spew hot air, but that doesn't mean it has to be reported.

Copy of a letter I sent to the ABC about this report on their website.
I am often disappointed by the ABC's recent reporting of nuclear power issues. The report (linked above) is an example. The statement from Greens MP Mark Parnell does not appear credible or relevant. Reputable scientists and engineers around the world have been pointing out for considerable time that Western designed reactors are not susceptible to Chernobyl-like accidents. To give this argument equal validity to the presentation of Prof. Lincoln is irresponsible journalism and does little to help Australia overcome the monumental energy related challenges that lay before us. Serving up Parnell as the reader’s the last word, further punctuates the claim – albeit erroneously.

Let the other guys worry about popularity, hit frequencies and revenue. Australia needs someone to be responsible. Maybe Nuclear can help Australia, maybe it can't - but at least do some homework and report on real opportunities and risks.

Holster the bias and stick to objective facts and credible opinion.

"Fear always springs from ignorance"
- Emerson

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