Monday, 17 March 2008

Energy 'collapse' will force nuclear use, says expert

A professor of geology has warned there will be no option other than embracing nuclear power in Australia when other energy sources collapse.

Full Report from the ABC.
Professor Ian Plimer from Adelaide University predicts a rapid change of opinion towards nuclear.

"If people start dying in hospitals because there's no electricity, if people can't get water because there's no electricity to pump water from dams, if people can't keep their food cool because there's no electricity for refrigeration, then I think there'll be a very, very, very rapid change of opinion."
He's making these comments during the Paydirt 2008 Uranium conference in Adelaide.

But it that's what it takes to turn Australia on to nuclear power, it could end up being a very stressful time. There's precedence already in South Africa - where after years of inaction, rolling blackouts are doing just what the professor states above - changing minds on a spot.

Nuclear's not suited for reactive, populist policy making. It performs much better through deliberate, interim- to longer-term planning [ex. the approaches taking place in several European nations like the UK, Finland, France and most probably several others].

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