Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Am I missing something?

Politics!... The 'Inconvenient Reality' of life in the developed world.

In this article John Howard is saying Climate Change is not the moral challenge of our time, and joins others in his party, calling advocates of climate driven policy changes - zealots.

He is accused of working hard to defend the coal industry, but, as reported here, Prime Minister Howard is throwing up his hands and resorting to prayer over the plight of farmers [many of whom are tragically resorting to suicide] facing dire environmental conditions - linked by many to Climate Change. A poetic justice of sorts may see Australia, the worst per-capita emitter, as the first developed country to be severely impacted by Climate Change.

And finally, this report finds Australian of the Year Tim Flanery getting cornered by the issues and his own knowledge and conscience. What would it mean to give back the award?

The articles speak of politicians’ probable reluctance to discuss firm issues, policies or plans until after the election. But physics does not respond to emotive rhetoric or dire economic forecasts. If the climate forecasters are even partially correct [their numbers, evidence and certainty continues to mount] delays will only worsen the impact, make mitigation actions hurt that much more or both.

I'd say Mother Nature is becoming rather upset; and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


  1. Hi. Great blog (which I found linked from the OPAL article on the Cosmos magazine website). Is there a way to get notified automatically of updates? I'm not very good with remembering to keep checking & couldn't immediately spot any such mechanism anywhere.

  2. Hi & thank you for your feedback.

    Depending on which internet browser you use and possibly the version, there may be an RSS Feed icon in the upper right corner of the page.

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