Thursday, 5 April 2007

Hugh Morgan shares his vision...

As reported in the The Age:

(Hugh Morgan recently formed the company 'Australian Nuclear Energy' (ASIC) (ABR) with Fairfax chairman Ron Walker and fellow mining executive Robert Champion de Crespigny.)
Mr Morgan said the industry faced considerable practical and political hurdles, but he believed it was "just" possible to see nuclear power in Australia within 10 years, if there was the will to embrace more expensive energy sources.

But Mr Morgan conceded nuclear energy faced significant hurdles, the most important of which was a lack of bipartisan political support.

He said for Australia to embrace nuclear energy, consumers would have to accept that energy prices would rise as part of any policy change to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

He said governments might have to review regulations governing Australia's electricity industry because there was no functional national electricity market and energy companies were reluctant to invest.

Mr Morgan endorsed the Switkowski review, which he said had started to focus the energy debate.

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  1. Interesting how Howard did not have an "appropriate" public inquiry into sustainable techniques... especially when Hugh Morgan's business intentions surfaced.

    naturally Australians shouldn't "bury their heads" in regards to all things nuclear but at the same the government should have given other sustainable techniques the same focus of enquiry..

    it not just the long term environmental cost but also the security cost that must be examined and addressed far more fully ...until then.. the majority of Australians don't want to touch it.

    for some reason, I keep thinking of how once cane toads were a good idea ;-)