Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Dr. Jim Green & Friends of the Earth

I hear that Dr. Green and/or some of his colleagues are looking for a review of the above on this site, so here goes:

Dr. Green's site may be found here, that of Friends of the Earth, Melbourne is here.

As I interpret the two websites:

- Dr. Green received his PhD. from the University of Wollongong in 1998. Copies of his full thesis on "Reactors, Radioisotopes & the HIFAR Controversy” can be requested via his Email address and/or phone number, listed in the site linked above.

- There's no disputed words; Dr. Green is listed in several linked references on those pages as an anti-nuclear campaigner. He appears to have dedicated his life (or at least his professional life) to the defeat of the nuclear industry in any form. I was unable to find a single positive word about nuclear technology on the sites or links that I followed (but I admit that I have not been able to check them all).

- I did notice that some of the claims mentioned on the sites/links are no longer valid though. This is particularly true with respect to international trends. For example, in a linked 2005 summary report you will find the following passage under the section on solutions to climate change:

Worldwide, there were only 26 nuclear reactors under construction at the end of 2004, with only one in Western Europe and none in the USA. Nuclear power capacity in Europe is falling and is expected to drop 25% over the next 15 years. The projected growth of nuclear power in a small number of countries, such as China and India, will not substantially change the global picture of stagnation and decline.
Media reports of the past 12 months tend to contradict the above for many countries and regions around the world. As an example, see this link or just recently (and if you prefer video) try here.

Also with respect to trends, we should not disregard the trends of high profile environmentalists reconsidering their position on nuclear power. Not just those like Dr. Patrick More, Co-Founder, Former Leader of Greenpeace (often dismissed, because he is now advocating nuclear energy for a living. But apparently it is perfectly acceptable to be compensated for opposing nuclear power... but I digress), but also about Friends of the Earth's own Hugh Montefiore, environmental guru James Lovelock, James Martin, and Stewart Brand to name a few.

I am not aware of any recent trends in the opposite direction (e.g. pro-nuclear advocates moving to firm, anti-nuclear positions) but I am willing to read about any should they be made known to me.

I respect Dr. Green's passion and his considerable effort. However, I have to wonder if this work has been based on an objective quest for truth and knowledge, or if it began with one basic foregone conclusion... that all things nuclear are bad? I can find no evidence to support the former, but again, I'm willing to consider any should it be made known to me.

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  1. hi, the point about Patrick Moore is that his connections to and payments from the Nuclear Energy Institute are too infrequently acknowledged by Moore, by other nuclear advocates (e.g. Hore-Lacy/UIC) or by the media.

    As for pro-nuclear environmentalists, I think you have named most of them. More on that at

    I can think of quite a few nuclear advocates turned opponents - indeed there are quite a few in the EnergyScience Coalition alone. energyscience.org.au

    As for trends in the industry, the annual World Nuclear Industry Status Reports are useful.

    cheers, Jim