Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Discussion Site -

I like this site.

Its contributors include some anti-nuclear campaigners (including Dr. Jim Green), but as a whole it works hard to remain objective, including numerous links to organizations actively promoting nuclear power around the world. The site also seems to come from the perspective that climate change is 'the problem' and nuclear power merely one of several possible solutions (within a sustainable mix) being considered/debated.

Good on them for taking a high road of sorts.

Pro-nuclear leaning readers would do well to review the documents and ‘fact sheets’ linked on the page. It's reasonable to assume potential investors in any future Australian nuclear infrastructure will expect answers to most if not all questions contained within, as well as final dispositions to the principal issues raised by the authors. [Watch out for ‘paralysis by analysis’ though; it may be a challenge to keep the discussion moving forward – not necessarily to a ‘Nuclear Australia’ but definitely toward a sustainable Australian energy solution.]

Reviewing the site has reminded me how scrutinised the nuclear power industry has been (and remains) - I'm confident, more scrutinised than all other energy sources combined. [I am not suggesting otherwise, but maybe some other sources should be subjected to examination at a similarly high 'resolution'.]

I would be grateful for detailed information on the renewable energy sources that are also being proposed to address emissions linked to climate change.

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