Saturday, 2 June 2007


I came across this 'definition' - if I may call it that - from blogger NNadir at the DailyKos blog.
The "antinukes" are a subset of people who believe that nuclear power operations are worse than climate change - which is driven by the indiscriminate dumping of dangerous fossil fuel waste into the atmosphere - worse than fossil fuel wars, worse than the acidification of the oceans and worse than the impoverishment of billions of people. Since I am hard pressed to find a single instance of a person killed by normal (or even accidental) operations of nuclear power in this country [the USA] - and there aren't that many people so killed on the entire planet - I am somewhat mystified by the existence of this devoted cadre of Helen Caldicott devotees and acolytes.
Blogger NNadir is a very articulate pro-nuclear blogger. By clicking on his direct link above you will be directed to his diary. I plan to stop by regularly and am adding a permanent link in the margin to the right.

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  1. NNadir certainly has some interesting and useful thoughts on nuclear power, its importance for mitigating climate change, and its value for poor and struggling people in the world. His liberal support for the technology is quite refreshing.

    I had the opportunity to chat with NNadir on May 31, 2007 and recorded the conversation as episode 60 for The Atomic Show. You can find it by searching for The Atomic Show podcast hosted by The Podcast Network. (I have stopped putting direct links into comments - some people find that offensive.)

    Best regards,

    Rod Adams