Monday, 4 June 2007

Nuclear push gains momentum

I am pleased to pass on this great post (yet another) from Ruth at the We Support Lee blog.

In a nutshell, it's about current legislation blocking Australian nuclear power plant construction and some plans to amend/overturn it (with plenty of well researched supporting information - as is typical of Ruth).

I am glad Ruth is there to support me on this post. I admit to being immersed in NNadir's Diary ; where one sees the result of a left-leaning activist who takes the time to look well beyond the rhetoric and become familiar with the relevant facts associated with nuclear energy production.

I've also enjoyed Rod Adams' The Atomic Show as he mentioned in a previous comment to this Blog.


  1. Nuclear Australia:

    I saw your comments on NNadir's recent diary. Yes, there is definitely evidence of a relationship between support for fossil fuel and anti-nuclear activity in Australia.

    If you search Atomic Insights Blog using the key words "smoking gun" you should find at least a couple of stories about Peter Beattie, and his coal buddies.

    If you do any research about the anti-nuclear activities in Australia during the 1970s, you will find that there was a lot of linkage between that movement and the railroad unions. As you may or may not know, coal is the railroad industry's biggest commodity cargo - by far.

    If you would be interested in visiting with me on the Atomic Show, I would love to have your perspective on the current situation there. As a well qualified reactor operations type, I think you will be very useful to your country in the next several decades.

  2. Hello Ed -

    I want to thank you for your gracious mention of We Support Lee. It would be terrific if you could do a show with Rod!

    Best wishes!

  3. Hi Rod & Ruth.

    Thanks for your kind offer Rod - but I've told others that I much prefer keeping the discussion about the topic at hand and wonder that by coming on your show, if I could inadvertently shift the focus onto 'me'.

    Not to mention the professional convenience that comes with a bit of anonymity.