Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Nuclear Bloggers

Not long after I began this Blog, I posted links to different anti-nuclear Bloggers and websites and maintain these links in the right margin of this Blog to this day - even the inactive ones. I do this to encourage/enable any readers to consider the full range of the nuclear debate. I believe nuclear power is a valid energy option and further that when considered objectively can be easily defended as one of several reliable sources of safe and clean energy.

But I haven't done much to promote the pro-nuclear sites and Bloggers. Sure many links are also to the right, but I've never discussed many of them.

New on the scene is a namesake of sorts. He goes by the title of Nuclear Man and calls his Blog 'Nuclear Australia'. While it's a bit sad that he appears to not be aware of this Blog [poor communication on my part]; I am delighted another Aussie feels passionate enough to actively participate. Nuclear Man is just getting started & I wish him well.

Also in Australia is Robert Merkel - who doesn't manage a pro-nuclear Blog per se [at least that I am aware of], but my impression is that he is in favour of nuclear power in Australia, or he is certainly keeping an objective and open mind about it. Robert's Blog is called The View from Benambra. He is also a contributing Blogger at Larvatus Prodeo. Many of his posts are related to nuclear power. He is well researched and articulate.

Within Australian Politics you will find Blogger, and Democratic Senator, Andrew Bartlett. Senator Bartlett's Blog is called The Bartlett Diaries. To my knowledge, he is against nuclear power technology in Australia, but is generally willing to host/enter into civilised debate and has even linked this Blog into some of his posts. He is also a fellow fan of Robert Merkel - who visits the Senator's Blog regularly.

Venturing outside of Australia we have Ruth Sponsler, NNadir, Rod Adams, Stewart Peterson and the professionals at NEI. All are well researched. Being an Industry group, NEI is stacked with information and statistics. Rod also runs the Atomic Show. Stewart features frequent 'Anti-nuclear quote of the day' posts. Ruth's posts are typically packed full of links/references for the detail deprived. NNadir is - from my perspective - a legend. Again, all links may be found in the right margin.

An informed, objective and open minded community will make the right decision.


  1. Another nuclear blogger cited at NEI

    Idaho Samizdat Nuke Notes 43N 112W -7 GMT aka

  2. Hi Ed. No, I don't run a blog specifically dedicated to supporting nuclear power.

    In a nutshell, on the information I've been able to find, I support nuclear power as safe, by any sensible standard and particularly compared to coal, available on demand and not significantly capacity-limited, and probably the cheapest carbon-neutral option in many countries, and as such we'd be crazy not to consider it here.

    I'm not absolutely convinced it will be the cheapest option in Australia; maybe the renewables industry will deliver on some of its wilder promises, or maybe all that money being thrown at geosequestration will pay off. But to rule it out is dumb and something that frustrates me greatly with people with whom I agree on a great many things.

  3. 'It [Adopting Nuclear Power] won't happen tomorrow, or in 5 years nor probably even 10...'

    If so, only because Aussies aren't being honest about the impacts/harm caused by current generation modalities. If we're really serious about saving lives and cleaning up the envirosphere, nuclear power is the most effective path. peterNaCl