Monday, 14 February 2011

Only one hurdle remains...

Many authors, scientists and engineers have been saying - for some time now - that
  • the scientific research is complete - adequate confidence has been demonstrated that human generated greenhouse gasses at current levels and rates of release pose a sever threat to humanity / life as we know it.
  • the engineering is complete - demonstrated technologies exist today that, if aggressively deployed, are capable of managing emissions while supplying energy adequate to sustain economic activity, including the rate of growth in developing economies such as Brazil, India and China. Hence the slowing of my rate of posts. If you're not convinced of the technical readiness of nuclear technology and you are still coming here for such info, please dig into the post archive... it's all there.
So, what's left?

Political will. In his online posts, Dr. James Hansen (chief of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies) does an excellent job explaining what concerned members of the general public are up against.
Yes, it may be said, but young people are free to also influence public opinion. However, consider this Heartland chart as an example of what young people are up against. People carrying out these tasks are professional warriors for special interests, well-funded to make the case that global warming and climate disruption are a hoax. Their message is repeated relentlessly. Note that the "free market ideas" phrase in the Heartland bottom line is Orwellian double-speak. They mean the opposite, they want business-as-usual, with fossil fuels subsidized and not required to pay their costs to society.

Dear grandchild, this is a monster that you must face. You will need to figure it out. I am sorry. But it is the shape of our democracy today, which we bequeath to you.
With this in mind, I politely ask readers to consider becoming involved. Have a look at the embedded video and if so motivated, draft a letter. You may even wish to send a copy to your local representative here in Australia.

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  1. The truth is that in your country rabid anti-nuclear ayatollahs are holding sanity to ransom. I know the feeling, in my country (india) we got our own loonies..