Wednesday, 21 March 2007


The subject Blog may be found here.

This appears to be a high impact, militantly anti-nuclear Blog at first glance. I mean there are no less than 4 mushroom clouds on the top of the main page behind a few people fishing on a pleasant looking lake.

And then there’s this picture near the top with the heading “Do we want this?”

Well… take a look at the full video from the event the photo comes from.

Since you are witnessing the demolition of a cooling tower from a prematurely shutdown nuclear plant in the US State of Oregon, I’d predict that most anti-nuclear activists would probably answer a resounding ‘yes’. But I suspect that’s not the emotion the author is going for.

What I've pointed out above certainly gives the impression the author is going for the emotive (as opposed to the factual and objective).

But then I read the posts. Not so much the media quotes, but what the author was really writing. Her opinion is currently anti-nuclear, but she hasn’t closed her mind to the idea entirely.

I found what I read refreshing and a bit inspiring. She seems to struggle between what I think she sees as the evil of two lessers. Coal vs. nuclear… etc. In paraphrasing, she is leaning to coal but putting faith in the ability of research to solve current issues related to the technology. She admits her own technical limits... siting a lot of "gobbledy-gook" in the relevant technical pages. But she is looking, and asking for someone to boil it down for her. This is GREAT! And she deserves sound information.

I differ in that I do not believe there is time to accomplish significant research. As I say here, Australia needs to act and by that I mean the deployment of feasible, existing technologies.

One final comment. The text below the cooling tower photo says the Blog is a place to discuss the issues and invites the visitor to comment. But I’ll be buggered if I can find a link to make a post.


  1. Ed, it's a bit hard to see, but there's a comment link directly beneath each post on her blog.

    I left a (hopefully polite) comment on one post.

    Thanks for pointing the link out.

  2. Hi Robert & thanks.

    For my PC/operating system, the link doesn't appear until I click the link to view the comments at the top of an individual post... but in the end I've found it.