Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Politicians Go Green... Sort Of

As reported in The Daily Reckoning:
I like this reporter - Kris Sayce. He/she (sorry but I'm always a bit confused with a name like Kris) admits the limits of his/her expertise.

As for which is the best or which is the most promising of the new alternate sources of energy? Well, we’ll leave that to others. Unfortunately, physics and chemistry were not two of your correspondent’s strong points at school.

And then goes on to discuss and ponder the issues in a fairly objective manner.

As we are on the subject of uranium, nuclear power would seem likely to be one of those solutions, if only it was not so uneconomical at the moment. In addition, out of all of the possible alternative fuels, it is without doubt the most controversial.

The recent hysteria over the non-construction of a nuclear power station was testament to that. It is worth remembering that nuclear power stations have been in operation around the world for years. The two countries that rely on nuclear power the most, Japan and France appear to have had little problem with them.

Yet even so, the length of time that it will take for nuclear energy to become mainstream in Australia means that at least one other additional source of new energy will need to be produced over the next few years if we are to avoid the devastation of a real energy crisis.

We could do with a bit more of this.

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