Wednesday, 14 March 2007

US waste specialist(?) warns against nuclear energy

As reported by ABC News:

This is probably a bit redundant. Bloggers everywhere (NEI) (J.F. Beck) are already sounding the alarm on Mr. Kevin Kamps.

But this is part of the nuclear discussion occurring within Australia, so I'll add it here.

Please read/listen, but before you form any concrete opinions please also consider his credentials. To me he is an anti-nuclear activist for sure, but his background lacks any noteworthy technical qualifications or experience (However I see he's done a considerable amount of walking). So I am more than a bit leery of his advice, and certainly see no reason to acknowledge him as a specialist.

I would have expected the ABC to dig a bit deeper on this one. Considering what is at stake, this type of emotive reporting is not all that constructive.

There are many very qualified, genuine specialists right here within Australia. As I find them I try to add their links (or those of a relevant organization) to this Blog.

Grateful for any suggestions.

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  1. Kevin Kamps is an idealist, and an activist, but I don't know about his scientific credentials either. I do know that he was pretty thoroughly trashed by Penn + Teller in this week's episode of "Bullshit."

    For whatever that's worth, of course ...