Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Brothers Rudd split on the atom

As reported in The Age:

Greg Rudd, Brisbane-based consultant and brother to Kevin Rudd

"My view is you are doing the wrong thing if you are a state or federal government if you don't have the [nuclear] debate," Greg Rudd told The Age yesterday [19-March].

Greg Rudd, a former political adviser who is the managing-director of Open Door Consulting, said he had no current clients with any interest in the uranium industry

The challenge of climate change meant policymakers would need a "portfolio mix" of energy resources, and that would, in time, include nuclear, Mr Rudd said.

"In terms of climate change a portfolio mix is the way to go forward," he said.

"To me this is a 40-to-50-year journey. We won't have nuclear power plants popping up all over Australia in the near future."
I could add in the remainder of the article... but won't. It's political and does not delve into the details of the discussion. But it is there for your reading via the link above should your curiosity get the better of you.

I support the views expressed above and am glad to hear them from someone so close to a potential future PM.

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