Sunday, 4 March 2007

Not only nuclear...

So that you may know a bit about me (and my predispositions upon initiating this Blog)... below is a prioritised, general list of my preferred steps/actions to reduce Australia's per-capita impact on emissions suspected of contributing to climate change.

I have not seen evidence to suggest we will get there via the first three steps.

Therefore I feel we should progress to option 4 and deploy nuclear power plants within Australia.

1 Continue to encourage/mandate conservation

2 Deploy existing renewables, as possible, to the maximum extent (wind, solar, tidal, hydro, biomass, etc.)

3 Initiate existing carbon sequestration and other mitigating technologies as feasible

4 Deploy Gen3+ and innovative Gen4 nuclear plants as base-load facilities – taking advantage of advanced designs, breeding and fast flux technologies to maximize nuclear safety, sustainability and minimize volume and energy content of highly active waste.


  1. Hi Ed,

    Interesting new blog; I've just linked to it from my own, The View From Benambra. I agree with you on nuclear power, and by the looks of things for similar reasons.

    Just one thing to clarify: you list your occupation as "nuclear engineer". Are you doing this blog on your own time?

  2. Hi Robert (or Bob if you prefer)

    Yes, I'm doing this on my own time.

    I pondered providing a bit more detail about myself. But I want the Blog to be more about the topic at hand than about me.

    I am a mechanical engineer by degree, but have had extensive training and work experience as a nuclear engineer (and that's what's on my current business card).

    Thank you for linking the Blog & for your comment. I hope word spreads and others start to join in, pro- and anti-nuclear alike.